About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I chose to study Public Relations at Auburn University because my passion for meaningful work, tradition, and others could thrive there. The skills I have accumulated through my experience at Auburn University have equipped me to work in impactful and dedicated ways. The opportunities I have enjoyed have and continue to develop leadership, communication, and relational skills that benefit me in all aspects of life.

My background in Public Relations has equipped me to contribute to spheres of corporate, non-profit, and political communications, marketing, research, social media design, strategic communication, event planning, and content writing. I believe these skills will be an asset at every organization I achieve membership in.

I am eager to make a positive difference in every environment I stumble into. Outside of my professional life I enjoy traveling, philanthropic opportunities, and spending time with friends and family. I believe positive relationships make the world go round and I am eager to make them wherever I go!