Big Fish and Big Ponds

Have you heard the story about the big fish in the small pond? He was hot stuff back home, but one day he found himself in the ocean; all of a sudden, he was not the biggest fish in the pond anymore and he was drowning.

That is a lot like being a blogger in the digital age. Many great writers whose craft was celebrated at their high schools and even their colleges now find themselves in a new and massive pond. I think some of the best bloggers jump into their digital ocean, expecting to carry with them the same distinction and personal flare they had at their college newspaper or their twitter account.

In any new environment, even one as big as the internet, there is a way things are done. A code, a system, a way of life. For a fish to distinguish themselves in the internet ocean, you have to be familiar with search engine optimization or, as the big fish say, SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

SEO blog writing is the new black, if you want your blog to grab attention then you have to speak the language. Here are three reasons why you should use SEO when you are blog writing.

Reason No. 1: To Be Seen

The first reason why you should use SEO when you are blog writing is simple: to be seen. The internet is a big ocean. Even whales, with massive websites and high traffic get missed! If you want to be seen and speak to an audience, your blog has to be recognizable.

Long-tail key words are going to distinguish you more than a pretty layout ever will. You can create the most aesthetically pleasing website ever, that does not mean people will ever see it, unless they go looking for it.

Here is where SEO comes in. If your blog has a few long-tail key words, the chances of catching a passerby on a major search engine are increased exponentially. If you will not take my word for it, check out these statistics from people who put their money where their mouth is. Online retailers know, if they want to sell goods then consumers need to find them easily. Most consumers take to Google first and type in a ridiculously specific item, often including dimension and color specifications. The sites that pop up on that first page of Google receive more attention and subsequently more money.

Reason No. 2: To Build Trust

The second reason why you should use SEO when you are blog writing is to gain some credibility and build trust with your audience. Again, retailers already know this, their investments and careers that were on the line made them fast learners.

The internet is a massive ocean. Just like oceans have lovely, picturesque beaches and coral reefs, they also have severe storms, massive trenches, and other nightmarish sea monsters yet to be discovered. Many internet users are terrified of sharks lurking behind their screens waiting to download a virus onto their personal computer.

Your lifestyle blog may be innocent, but the average internet user does not know that for certain. A civilization was raised on the mantra, “don’t talk to strangers” and now we have access to almost every stranger on the planet.

However, the average internet user is far more likely to visit your website and trust that it is safe to do so, if you appear on the first page of a search engine.

Reason No. 3: To Be Professional

Have you heard; blogs are the new resumes? That is right. Employers are now looking beyond the one-page resume to see your life’s accomplishments. It is about time.

The third reason you should use SEO when you are blog writing is to be professional. Employers are looking beyond the resume to see if you are a worthy candidate for a position. If this position involves writing, media, basic knowledge of the digital age, and a personality; then a blog is one of the finest ways to showcase yourself.

I mentioned earlier you have to speak the language to be a big fish in the big pond. Just as you have a certain way of speaking in a job interview, so too should your blog be speaking. Professionals in this day and age market themselves and a blog, unlike other platforms can offer depth and professionalism unseen in an Instagram post. Start using SEO and become a big fish in a big pond.